MichiShi, also called ChiShi, is your typical silent otaku. She is fond of cute things namely cats and kittens and also has a strange attraction to senior citizens...

She is currently a BS BIOLOGY student but she is majoring in Arts and MMD. She was the original dancer in the group that wanted to do dance covers which gave birth to what MidLight is today.

Her drawing techniques include traditional media such as UniPin Pens, FaberCastell Mechanical Pencils, Paper, FaberCastell WaterColours and her hands. She specializes in the art of lineart and shading (traditionally, of course).

She is the eldest in her family with one younger brother and sister. In MidLight, she is considered as the ____________.

List of Dance Covers


List of Song Covers



1. She loves cats/kittens.

2. She is obsessed with old people.

3. She is currently learning the art of yaoi (with help from Yakusoshi) and is totally okay with yuri.

4. She has an UTAU named Lucian Proema.

5. She is currently learning the art of MMD.

6. In deviantArt, she is Ninetalesroxy.