Tenshi is the kind of girl who would rather daydream her life away rather than be at school listening to the teacher. She takes up MEDTECH as a course and is YakusoShi 's actual bestfriend. She likes drawing and singing to a passion and if you are lucky, you would catch her playing her guitar singing an original song she composed... because she can.

She tends to make stories with deep plot twists and drama and she tends to visualize them too in her drawings. She is an abstract and realistic artist and can draw anime, too.

She has one older brother and boys seem to be attracted to her (feeling is not mutual though). Be careful, when she feels threatened, she is not afraid to kick where it hurts.

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1. She loves Asakura Hao of Shaman King.

2. In deviantArt, she is aoixbaraxtenshi.

3. In YouTube, she is xarchanx.

4. Her bestfriend is YakusoShi .

5. She also has an UTAU named Artemis von Crux.

6. She is intrigued by fire, twins and blue roses.

7. She had dogs namedand Charlie Bitmee. Currently she only has a shi tsu named Hugo