Yakusoshi, also called SoShi, is the girl that connects MichiShi and TenShi. She takes up BS BIOLOGY similarly to MichiShi and is TenShi's bestfriend. She also tends to put up the most initiative into making the group more active. Unfortunately, she is also the most busy leading her into being the most late in learning the dances to be covered.

She loves oranges and singing, most especially, J-Pop and Classical music. She also likes drawing and ballet, despite that, she can't dance ballet. She is also a writer and artist for her shool's newspaper and she aims to graduate with at least high honors.

She has a younger sister, SunaShi , and a younger brother and two dogs named Rin and Len.

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1. She loves pairings and shippings; she used to be called the 'goddess of love'/ xmegaminoaix.

2. She has an UTAU named Aliciané.

3. In YouTube, she is xmegaminoaix.

4. In deviantArt, she is Shaman-Hearts.

5. She thinks babies are the cutest thing in the world.

6. She aims to be a pediatrician doctor.